Security (2017)

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Security (2017)

Solid action flick which sees Antonio Banderas transform into a grizzled, nihilistic, world-weary action hero. He’s great, even if he does still sound like Puss in Boots. He’s an ex-army captain with an estranged family and a vague allusion to some form of mental illness (that’s never properly explored), who takes a minimum wage job as a security guard in a shopping mall. “I’m not here to rock the boat,” he says to the night manager, before a girl fleeing from the scene of a violent crime pounds on the doors seeking refuge. Two minutes later and Ben Kingsley rocks up oozing sophisticated villainous charm with his own battle-ready private militia to smash through the doors and reclaim the girl. As soon as you can say “Die Hard in a shopping mall”, we have a good, old-fashioned stand-off on our hands, with Banderas leading a brat-pack of security slackers in a fight against Kingsley’s disposable army equipped only with rudimentary weapons like arrows, tasers and homemade nail bombs. The baddies are led by former MMA fighter, Cung Le, who gets a nice showdown with Banderas in one of the only fight scenes in the film. Its all quite forgettable, but fun while it lasts.

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