Righting Wrongs (1986)

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Righting Wrongs (1986)

Unabashed Golden Harvest fun teaming Yuen Biao with blonde fury Cynthia Rothrock as mismatched cops on opposite sides of the law. Biao’s a chain-smoking, train-loving renegade tracking a case involving twisted police chief Melvin Wong and his clan of gweilo assassins. Meanwhile, Cyn is Melvin’s trusted import assigned to bring Biao to justice, unaware of her employer’s double crossing. The action speaks volumes with Yuen Biao on uniformly top form. He is truly kicking ass in a climactic warehouse showdown with Melvin Wong which results in Biao clinging to a rope descending from a speeding aeroplane which ultimately, and breathtakingly, crashes into a cliff side, sending the young star on a death-defying drop into the ocean. Then again, Rothrock is certainly not one to be upstaged, handling herself well in possibly her best Hong Kong action film. A feisty duel with fellow fashion victim Karen Sheperd is the film’s best set piece, featuring Rothrock taking a cat-like slapping from the full force of Sheperd’s chain belt accessory.

AKA: Above the Law

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