Prince of the Sun (1990)

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Prince of the Sun (1990)

Crass fantasy adventure which steals heavily from The Golden Child incorporating elements of dodgy HK comedy. Rothrock stars as a Caucasian Buddhist sent to retrieve a little boy who is said to be the living incarnation of Buddha. The boy winds up in Hong Kong, kept under close surveillance by new-age scoundrels Conan Lee and Sheila Chan who resist threats from the ‘Four Lamas’, sent by the Dark Lord to kidnap the child. Rothrock supplies nearly all the action in a film which is ridiculously hampered by long sections of trashy slapstick mostly revolving around the conflicting relationship between the boy’s inept protectors and the boundless comedic potential of the little one’s powers. It’s all rather silly, although there are one or two good fight scenes and some wonderfully dated special effects, mostly involving rubbish wirework and colourful flame rods that explode on impact.

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