Out for a Kill (2003)

Posted in Reviews by - November 13, 2013
Out for a Kill (2003)

This lightweight B movie stars Steven Seagal as an archaeologist and professor at Yale (yeah, right) whose wife is killed by a moody bunch of cigar-chomping Chinese stereotypes and off he trots to Paris, Bulgaria and New York to exact his revenge. What’s interesting about this movie is Seagal’s futile attempts to become a fully-fledged kung fu hero at a time when his speed and agility have long since vanished. He looks horribly uncomfortable when dueling with an expert Chinese stunt team half his age. There are bizarre duels with Shaolin monks and a wire-fu Monkey Fist expert, all a tad confusing and unrealistic, and far from Seagal’s usual trend. The title references his bone-crunching heyday (an amalgam of titles Hard to Kill and Out for Justice), but the results are not half as crowd pleasing. Besides the steps taken to paint Seagal as a philosophising intellect and Chinese expert – all barely plausible – the script is hideous and the acting as wooden as a rain forest.

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