Ninja Champion (1986)

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Ninja Champion (1986)

Another lesson in retarded filmmaking from B movie tycoon Godfrey Ho who barely attempts to add any kind of logic to this cut and paste cash-in. The film accidentally features people like Dragon Lee and Richard Harrison only because of an ingenious editing job. In one part of the film, we have a victim of a rape exacting her revenge on the culprits with the help of her ex-husband, then on a separate tape we have Bruce Baron dressed up as a white ninja in the bustle of Hong Kong fighting red ninja Pierre Tremblay and his trio of underlings for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It kind of works, though, only to lose it at the end in a laughable summary of events which would have made the same amount of sense if it had been played backwards. It’s completely awful, but strangely good at the same time.

AKA: Kickboxing Connection; Ninja Boxing Cop; Ninja Connection 2

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