New Kids in Town (1990)

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New Kids in Town (1990)

This is all over the place, but worth it for the kung fu scenes featuring choreographer Lau Kar-leung, who storms the final act giving triad meanie Eddie Maher a righteous ass-kicking. Chin Siu-ho is brilliant as one half of a wushu sibling force sent to Hong Kong from the mainland to help their cousin (Moon Lee) run the family restaurant when her dad (Lau Kar-leung) goes away. The brothers have barely stepped foot in Hong Kong before being jumped by some drug-carrying pickpockets, who are promptly (and amazingly) dispatched by Moon Lee’s amazing kung fu powers. The brothers learn about Hong Kong’s consumerist, capitalist culture from Moon who takes them shopping and points at everything. They also fall foul of triads and end up in all kinds of crazy, nonsensical bother. It’s the kind of film which goes from a wholesome, leisurely tour of Hong Kong to an old man in a wheelchair being set on fire. Thankfully, Moon Lee is an absolute delight throughout, and given ample space to dance, joke around, roller-skate, break boards and deck the baddies.

AKA: Master of DisasterNew Killers in Town.

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