My Lucky Stars (1985)

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My Lucky Stars (1985)

Jackie Chan loses his cop partner Yuen Biao to some shady thugs in a Japanese amusement park and calls upon a few close friends to help him out. Enter Sammo Hung and his crooked friends, causing a frenzied slapstick pile-up which continues until the brainless crew reach Japan. This is fundamentally a comedy, and not a bad one, but when Jackie appears (albeit infrequently) the action takes over. He dons a bigheaded baby mascot uniform and sword-slices some Samurai bad guys, before battling Dick Wei in an extended final showdown where all involved get to strut their stuff. Japanese bodybuilder Michiko Nishiwaki certainly stands out, wrestling with Sibelle Hu until Sammo floors the girl after throwing long-time colleague Lau Kar-wing through a coffee table. When Yuen Biao is finally unleashed, he gives Lam Ching-ying a right good seeing to with a little help from our man Chan. For lighthearted nonsense with a hefty punch, nothing quite beats My Lucky Stars.

AKA: Winners & Sinners 2.

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