Martial Law II: Undercover (1991)

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Martial Law II: Undercover (1991)

A straight-to-video follow-up to Kurt Anderson’s distinctly unremarkable 1990 cop fu actioner, this time with TV star and taekwondo expert Jeff Wincott in the lead – his first role as a martial arts hero. He’s pretty good, and more than capable at delivering his lines as well as kicking people in the head. He plays Chad McQueen’s role from the first movie, Sean Thompson – also known as ‘Martial Law’ (although nobody actually calls him that) – sniffing out corrupt cops in the LAPD who are on the books of a shady nightclub owner. His cop girlfriend, Billie (Rothrock), is back, although the two now seem to be enjoying a purely functional and plutonic relationship. She lends her muscle as an undercover barmaid in a bid to snoop out the baddies. These types of films always culminate with a big fight at an industrial plant, and sure enough, this one does that. It also has some really horrible jazz fusion on the soundtrack.

AKA: Karate Cop.

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