Kung Fu Arts (1978)

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Kung Fu Arts (1978)

Crude indie flick from Taiwan which forces Carter Wong into the unfortunate situation of being upstaged by a monkey. He plays a disgruntled imperial guard who is framed for an assassination attempt on the Emperor and as he flees, he accidentally poisons the Princess with a lethal dart. In an attempt to save her life, he straps the antidote to his pet monkey (played by “Sida, the French Monkey Star!”) who adheres to the rules of the Royal Seal and saves her life, accepting her hand in marriage as a reward. In a bizarre twist which questions both the sanctity of marriage and the girl’s sanity, she agrees to marry the monkey and cops off to a secret island to bring up a son. Meanwhile, that bastard Chan Sing has killed the Emperor and put himself in charge, leaving Carter Wong the unenviable task of exacting his revenge, restoring law and order, and saving his future Queen from any further simian shenanigans. “Princess,” Carter asks, “Am I the father of this boy, or is it the monkey’s?”

AKA: Kung Fu: Horse, Monkey and Tiger; Raging Tiger vs. Monkey King

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