Infernal Street (1973)

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Infernal Street (1973)

Taiwanese kung fu movie which owes a debt to Fist of Fury and follows a similar anti-Japanese hysteria in which plucky Chinese boxers battle against an intimidating foreign force. The Japanese are intent on getting the population of a Chinese town (it’s unclear where) hooked on opium. The local GP feels the brunt of the town’s addiction problems and forms an unlikely resistance alongside his daughter (played by Wong Ging-ping) and Yuen Tien-lung, who plays an archetypal kung fu orphan. He decides to stand up to the Japanese by raiding their gambling dens and causing a ruckus. The film is formulaic but the playful chemistry between the two lovebirds adds a certain lightness, the choreography is great for its time and the occasional burst of 70s funk and electric guitar over the more poignant scenes make it an easy watch.

AKA: Ninja Fury


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