Green Street 3: Never Back Down (2013)

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Green Street 3: Never Back Down (2013)

Boxing ace Danny, AKA ‘the Guv’nor’ (Scott Adkins), turns his back on West Ham United’s Green Street Elite to start a new life away from his yob buddies. That is until his brother gets jacked by a rival firm, causing Danny to head south to duff up the culprits. He finds that football hooliganism has got a lot more sophisticated in his absence with the advent of organised underground fight clubs. This is where the West Ham faithful get to test their might in a competition against other scumbags representing teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Millwall. Danny gets the lads into shape through a series of Rocky-like training montages, as well as chirpsing the head barmaid at the firm’s local. He somehow maintains his Ken-doll figure and acrobatic kicking technique despite necking 10 pints of beer every weekend. The film has nothing to do with football (or hooliganism for that matter), and instead puts the viewer in the unfortunate position of having to sympathise with a group of rather nasty, loutish characters behaving in morally reprehensible ways. But if you can park all of that, then it is worth noting how director James Nunn does well to capture a grimy, alternative side to London; a side which exists in the shadows of the tourist hot-spots and the dark squalor of the local pub. This setting of urban decay fits rather perfectly with the ominous use of synth music on the soundtrack. The fight scenes are brutal, delivered with verve by Adkins at his most angry.

AKA: Green Street Hooligans: Underground; Green Street Hooligans 3: Underground; Green Street 3; Hooligans 3; Hooligans 3 – Never Back Down.

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