Dark Angel (1990)

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Dark Angel (1990)

Completely barmy sci-fi action which can be logged in the ‘how did this get made’ category. German beefcake Matthias Hues plays an alien very much modelled on The Terminator who crash-lands in corporate America at Christmas time, like some kind of monosyllabic antichrist in a trench coat. He says “I come in peace” before zapping people with his ray gun and throwing magnetic space discs at drug dealers in a bid to steal all their heroin. Dolph Lundgren plays a tough cop chasing a yuppie consortium of boardroom-dwelling drug dealers known as the White Boys, who ice Dolph’s cop buddy when an undercover sting goes wrong. When the spaceman starts killing off the White Boys and stealing their stash, Dolph is assigned by the Feds to track the alien intruder, partnering him with a know-all, by-the-book dweeb called Agent Smith (Benben). The two develop a weird bromance as they dodge explosions and car crashes. This is utter nonsense and riddled with clich├ęs, but it’s still very entertaining. Lundgren looks great and leads the film well, and the sci-fi cop crossover theme is just the right level of bonkers.

AKA: I Come in Peace.

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