Daredevil (2003)

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Daredevil (2003)

A stylish but ultimately unsatisfying comic book caper which is not too dissimilar from your standard Marvel blockbuster but with a refreshingly embellished level of kung fu action, which is good to see. The majority of the cast get involved, most notably Garner and Affleck, who both come out looking great in the fight scenes. The supporting cast, however, play it incredibly broad with the criminally over-the-top Farrell being the worst offender. Designed to be Marvel’s next big franchise following the success of Spider-Man and X-Men, this film centres on the exploits of a blind lawyer whose heightened senses manifest into almost supernatural capabilities. He puts these skills to good use by dressing in skin-tight red leather and patrolling New York’s Hell’s Kitchen until dawn. Daredevil’s adversary is Kingpin (Duncan), a burly crime lord who killed his father; his arch nemesis is Bullseye (Farrell), who’s good at throwing pointy things; and his love interest is Elektra (Garner), a ninja-like dominatrix figure elegantly skilled at ass-kicking. All of the sub-plots collide in an unfortunately obvious manner, and the film eventually relies on a CGI overload. It’s cheesier than Spider-Man, not as much fun as X-Men, and definitely a franchise which has been given a false start.

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