Cleopatra Jones (1973)

Posted in Reviews by - October 18, 2014
Cleopatra Jones (1973)

Dobson plays the title role of superfly US special agent Cleo Jones in this dated blaxploitation which provides ironic hilarity throughout. According to popular opinion, Jones is “some kinda woman” and “ten miles of bad road” for every hood in town. She’s a sexy, slick PI with a full wardrobe, teeming afro and deadly Karate chops. There’s a drug crisis and Cleo’s on the case, up against the glamorous exploits of lesbian gangster Big Momma (Winters) and her jive-talking underlings (including ‘Huggy Bear’ Fargas). So bad it’s good, the words outrageous and camp barely do it justice. Best viewed through beer goggles.

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