Breathing Fire (1991)

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Breathing Fire (1991)

This engaging action movie set in sunny California starts with a bang. Villain Michael Moore (Trimble), father of bratty martial arts enthusiasts Tony Moore (Saavedra) and adopted son Charlie Moore (Quan, from The Goonies), secretly orchestrates a bank heist with his kung fu cronies and steals millions of dollars’ worth of gold. The boys have no idea their daddy’s a baddie until Vietnam war vet Uncle Dave (Neil) shows up, protecting the only witness to one of Mr. Moore’s crimes. The acting is amazingly bad, the script should have been proof-read, and the directing is pedestrian, but this super low budget B movie is nevertheless charming, action-packed entertainment. The main attraction is the spotless martial arts sequences, expertly performed by the brilliant cast, helped in no small part by the legendary bootmaster Dorian Tan who acts as executive producer (under the bizarre alias of ‘Delon Tanners’) and Bolo Yeung, who can elevate just about any fight flick.

AKA: Bloodbrother – The Fighter, the Winner.

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