Bounty Tracker (1993)

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Bounty Tracker (1993)

Solid, made-for-TV crime-fighting with Lorenzo Lamas, who plays an honourable Boston-based bounty hunter called Johnathan Damone. He lands in LA to check in with his federal agent brother who is in a spot of bother with a crime syndicate and their hired goons. The baddies kill his brother, so Johnathan goes on a quest for revenge, kicking people around and looking damn good in the process. The mercenaries are led by charismatic double act Matthias Hues and Cyndi Pass, who play an ice-cold pair of leather-strapped killers. The duo lend a unique spark to a routine action movie. Lamas’ competency as a straight-laced, renegade hero would act as a warm-up for his role as a straight-laced, renegade hero in the hit TV show, Renegade.

AKA: Bounty Tracer; Head Hunter.

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