Born Invincible (1978)

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Born Invincible (1978)

The Lei Ping School are under attack from a seemingly unstoppable force. If the hidden saw attached to Lo Lieh’s tonfa wasn’t punishment enough, the poor youngsters now have to deal with the white-haired supremacy of Carter Wong and his unstoppable qigong technique. He’s been studying it since he was a boy – a lifetime’s training which has left him menacingly evil with a high voice, no genitalia and impervious to any kind of attack. He’s born invincible, but with an unknown weak spot. The Lei Ping students try their best to locate it, but Jack Long is defeated, followed by fellow student Mark Lung (despite his mastery of the deadly ‘spitting-silver-balls-into-trees’ technique). So the fate of the school befalls young hero Lung Fei. Surely his flying daggers can stop the sinister eunuch from wreaking more havoc? This is a cult classic universally adored by fans due to Carter Wong’s strong performance as the cackling Pai Mei style villain with bones of steel and Yuen Woo-ping’s glorious choreography.

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