Black Fist (1975)

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Black Fist (1975)

A cheerfully amateur blaxploitation film with a wise script and good central performances let down by a camera crew who appear to be working out of a cupboard, directing the action as if they were moving furniture. Clumsy it may be, but Lawson is badass enough to keep the crowd focused, playing streetwise hustler Leroy Fitz who starts earning big bucks when he lends his brawling skills to an illegal bare knuckle street fighting operation. He’s good, but he wants out so he can settle down and start a family. But the hoods running the racket won’t let him go and in a cruel attempt to kill Fitz with a car bomb, they mistakenly take out his whole extended family instead. Fitz is sick of being hassled by The Man so utilises his fists for a spot of sweet vengeance. It may be hideous to look at, badly edited and predictable, but we can still dig it.

AKA: Bogard; Homeboy

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