Extraction (2015)

Posted in Reviews by - October 02, 2016
Extraction (2015)

This secret agent romp is pretty forgettable, although Simon Rhee and his stunt team do their best to provide an edge to the combat scenes. Gina Carano, who was so thrilling in 2011’s Haywire, is unfortunately sidelined in favour of Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz. He plays a CIA wannabe haunted by the murder of his mother and desperate to impress his stoic meat-headed dad, played by Bruce Willis. Lutz goes rogue with former lover Carano when Willis is kidnapped by Russian criminals eager to get their hands on a super computer which could spark a global technological meltdown. There is a glimmer of chemistry between the two leads – usually reserved for the moments when they are smashing heads – and Willis is on complete autopilot. Nothing to see here.

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