Angel’s Mission (1990)

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Angel’s Mission (1990)

Apparently, this 80s pot-boiler is about a brothel enlisting the help of Yukari Oshima to recover kidnapped Japanese hookers who are suspected of having AIDS. A suited drug baron is investigated by the guerrilla fighter from Eastern Condors (Ha Chi-jan), who shoves cocaine into watermelons and enlists the help of Dick Wei to help protect the cartel. Phillip Ko sports safari shirts to play Chen Kuan-tai’s underling who goes power crazy and recruits some Sicilian mafia types to take over the operation. Following the discovery of his dead sister in his boss’ bathroom, Dick Wei turns on everyone and starts kicking off inside baron Chen Kuan-tai’s swanky abode. The two girls unite in a gun-toting fury to battle a barrage of gweilo fighters in what turns out to be the only commendable aspect of this messy film, which is completely incoherent and appears to have been edited by a mad person. The fact Godfrey Ho is involved should come as no surprise.

AKA: Angel MissionBorn to Fight 2Buddha’s Justice; Fighting AngelThe Justice of Buddha; Kicking Buddha; Ultimate Lady Fighter.

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