Legacy of Rage (1986)

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Legacy of Rage (1986)

After limited success in America, Bruce Lee‘s son Brandon Lee makes his starring role debut at the age of 21 with this, a Cantonese D&B potboiler toeing a similar line to the popular ‘heroic bloodshed’ films of the era from directors like Ringo Lam and John Woo. Lee provides his own boyish charm even if he does inevitably slip into knowing nods to his famous father, particularly during the physical stuff. His first call to arms is a back alley bash up with Bruce Lee’s buddy Bolo Yeung, and there are other convincing scuffles interspersed along the way. Lee plays a naive waiter and car compactor who dreams of starting a family with the lovely Regina Kent, until their mutual mobster friend Michael Wong frames him for the murder of a rival pusher. He winds up in the slammer and plots his revenge which ends up looking a bit like something from A Better Tomorrow, with Brandon and his buddy Mang Hoi sporting double denim and trading bullets in the plush surrounds of a triad mansion. Ronny Yu does well to make the drama affecting and Lee displays great promise as a guns-blazing action hero.

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