Fist of Fury Part II (1977)

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Fist of Fury Part II (1977)

One of the better Bruce Lee spin-offs manufactured throughout the 1970s, this low-budget exploitation film is less of a sequel and more a rehash of the original script. Chen Chen’s brother, Chen Sen (a bravado performance from Bruce Li), takes revenge for his sibling’s death by landing in Shanghai and promptly kicking Japanese butt. The Chinese Ching Wu students take a thrashing, a helpless local police sergeant battles with his stricken loyalties, and violent racist oppression is everywhere. Luckily the endless kung fu fighting is enough to distract us from all that. It’s mostly scrappy stuff with the only decent set-piece pitting Bruce Li against the Japanese top-dog, Miyamoto (played by Lo Lieh), in a tense one-on-one finale.

AKA: The Chinese Connection 2; Fist of Fury 2; Fistful of the DragonShanghai Tiger

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