Beauty Investigator (1992)

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Beauty Investigator (1992)

Exemplary ‘Girls with Guns’ madness; the sort of fun, over-the-top, non-stop fight fest that put Hong Kong action cinema on the map. Moon Lee and Gam Chi-gei play cop buddies assigned to an undercover mission to snoop out a perverted serial killer targeting sex workers. They don high-heels, pearls and sequins to lure out abusive, rich douchebags in a nightclub. On her first day, Moon Lee can’t help but give one of the punters a roundhouse kick to the face. Despite this, they are somehow employed long enough to not only uncover the culprit, but also follow-up a new lead: the nightclub’s owner, wannabe triad boss Bee (Choi Jeong-il), who has started a turf war in Hong Kong with some Japanese crooks, led by the great Billy Chow. Bee hires an assassin – the wonderful Yukari Oshima – who not only looks incredibly cool but is an absolute killing machine. She leaps about in a blur, garrotting Bee’s adversaries, doing mad wheelies on her motorbike, and firing poisoned darts from her blowpipe. Her kung fu battles with Moon Lee are spectacular, hard-hitting, balletic bouts of furious motion. But Moon has a secret weapon; a mini-rocket launcher which she straps to her arm for the final round, sending cars into the air in a ball of flames. What’s┬ánot to like?

AKA: Beauty Inspectors; Lady Hunter.

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