Extreme Force (2001)

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Extreme Force (2001)

Michel Qissi is most famous for playing Muay Thai baddie Tong Po in Kickboxer. As director, he makes the most out of a particularly low budget, and the macho punch-ups are mostly good enough to pass scrutiny. Not that the film doesn’t have setbacks. Some of the actors feel over-stretched, particularly debuting leading man Hector Echavarria, a world martial arts champ. He doesn’t quite possess the coolness of top thumpers like Steven Seagal, or the cheeky aplomb of Jean-Claude Van Damme, but he is by no means terrible. The chemistry between Echavarria and Qissi feels stilted, while the story – in which Hector battles with his old buddy and the Moroccan authorities who are both coveting a sacred seal in his possession – is instantly forgettable.

AKA: Extreme Dragon; Sacred Seal.

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