Blackbelt (1992)

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Blackbelt (1992)

Another solid effort from Don Wilson‘s Roger Corman years. It is clearly hampered by a quick filming schedule and some poor dialogue, but it’s not altogether terrible, and has some memorable moments. Wilson is strong in the lead role, playing an honourable ex-cop who teaches karate to kids and still dabbles in a spot of pro bono crime fighting. “I don’t get charged to take out the garbage,” he says. A sassy singer asks him to be her personal bodyguard when she starts getting creepy gifts of severed fingers from psycho-fan Matthias Hues. He’s a high-kicking serial killer with some seriously weird mummy issues, suffering from warped flashbacks which resemble scenes from Twin Peaks. Then Richard Beymer drops in, essentially rehashing his role in Twin Peaks as the singer’s mafioso manager, which adds another Lynchian connection. The strong supporting cast and the weird slasher motif makes it quite memorable compared to many other fight flicks.

AKA: Kickboxer Cop.

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