Acts of Vengeance (2017)

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Acts of Vengeance (2017)

Isaac Florentine‘s DTV work is always reliably crunchy, authentic, and touched by a sense of nuance, the like of which is absent from most B-movie punch-ups. This is one of his best – a simple slice of face-hitting vigilantism, but one with conceptual ideas on the nature of revenge and stoic philosophy. Florentine chapters the film with Marcus Aurelius quotations, as fast-talking defence attorney Frank (Banderas) decides to undergo a vow of silence until he finds the culprits behind the deaths of his wife and daughter. Florentine’s long-time fight collaborator Tim Man brings out the muscle in Banderas’ mostly silent performance, and the multi-award-winning actor is present and involved in all of the film’s demanding action scenes. In the right hands, Banderas makes for an excellent grizzled action hero, and he is certainly in safe hands here.

AKA: Stoic.

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